In Massachusetts, the problem of “bullying” has reached a new level of public attention. Tragic suicides on the part of victims have focused the spotlight on the issue to the point of being white hot.

Our firm is at the forefront of this new “bullying” crisis. Whether you or a loved one are being charged with bullying or you are the victim of bullying behavior, call our law firm to set up a free consultation with our experienced criminal lawyers. Our attorneys are becoming actively involved in this multi–faceted issue. They have appeared on national television and have been quoted in print on the subject. We are dedicated to aiding our clients on both sides of the bullying issue to achieve justice and bring about a rational solution for them.

What once was considered common and near–acceptable behavior in schools is now being targeted as unacceptable and criminal acts. While such actions also occur in the adult world, it is our children and their schools that are now under a microscope in the search to weed out The Bully. But what exactly is bullying? Where does free speech end and bullying comments begin? Is there a way to actually prevent bullying behavior? Is it considered criminal behavior?

While the new bullying law amends certain criminal statutes to be more inclusive in the definitions of certain crimes, criminal charges such as assault and battery, cyber–bullying and harassment, among others, are now being brought against aggressive children. While the topic is wide–ranging, it would appear that many of our law enforcement and legislative leaders are forcing sweeping, broad and publicity–pleasing methods in order to respond to the problem. Such an approach is often too general, vague and wide–ranging to do any good. As a result, schools, communities and law enforcement are unclear on the appropriate response.

As a result, more students are being prosecuted criminally for a variety of misdemeanors and felonies for behavior that was never before prosecuted. Children with no prior criminal or juvenile record are now finding themselves indicted. Once a child is arraigned in court for a criminal allegation, it is entered onto his or her CORI. There it will usually remain, along with the result of said prosecution, for at least 10 years. This, of course, means that said prosecution will become an issue in applications to high schools, college, graduate school and employment. In short, the child’s future is scarred at the most important time. Meanwhile, in other instances, we are still seeing equally or even more egregious behavior between students going unchecked.

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