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Computer Hacking

Computer hacking used to be a crime limited to computer–savvy expert programmers and other types of technology enthusiasts. Now it is not so limited, and it is far more common for people to be able to gain unauthorized access to computers and networks. It is difficult to provide a concrete definition of computer hacking because it can take so many forms and has a range of effects. It always involves an invasion of privacy and unauthorized access to private computer information such as files, software, and hardware. Many times it damages or destroys computers or changes computer settings. It is often connected with identity theft and similar crimes. Hacking can be simply irritating and frustrating or it can be criminal, depending on the circumstances.

Teenagers and young adults are the demographic that most commonly engages in hacking (although they are not the only ones). Young people like these might not appreciate the fact that hacking is a crime under both federal and Massachusetts law. A lot of “hackers” think of computer hacking as a hobby, an art form or a way to test out their technical abilities. Hacking should not be taken lightly because it can lead to jail time and fines. The statute that governs hacking in Massachusetts is Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 266 Section 33A. In our Commonwealth, hacking is punishable by up to 2 ½ years in a house of correction or a fine of up to $3,000 or both.

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