Possession of a Fake ID

Fake ID Law and Definition

It is a felony to be convicted of creating, stealing, or obtaining a fake Massachusetts learner’s permit, driver’s license, RMV ID card, registration or inspection sticker. It is also a felony to be convicted of falsifying any stamps or signatures issued by the motor vehicle registry or deputy registrar. Additionally, it is a felony to be convicted of impersonating someone applying for a license or learner’s permit or to use a name other than your own to obtain a license or learner’s permit.

Misdemeanor charges apply if a person is charged with transferring, altering, or defacing a license, or who “makes, uses, carries, sells or distributes a false identification card or license of another person, or furnishes false information in obtaining such card or license.”

Possible Penalties

If convicted of felony charges, a person faces potential imprisonment of up to five years, a one-year license suspension, and/or fines. If convicted of misdemeanor charges, a person faces fines of up to $200 and potential imprisonment for up to three months. Furthermore, being charged with possession of a false ID can result in your license being suspended / revoked in addition to having a criminal record.

Generally, those charged with possession of a fake ID are young adults under the age of twenty one. Thus, in addition to the possible penalties listed above, individuals convicted of possession of a Fake ID may run into additional problems with his or her school or university.

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