Notice of License Suspension Because of Three Surchargeable Events

Many people do not realize that their driver’s license can be suspended or revoked for accumulating any three traffic violations within a certain time period.

First, three speeding tickets within a 12-month period results in an automatic license suspension for 30 days under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 90, section 20. The 12-month period is measured from the three most recent ticket dates. If those last three tickets are all within one year of each other, your license is automatically suspended.

In addition, your license may be suspended if you accumulate three moving violations or surchargeable events within a 24-month period. There are several different violations that count as surchargeable events, and any combination of them within the 2-year period will result in a license suspension. Even violations that occur in other states will count toward your total.

When you have accumulated the three events, the RMV will send you a notice of intent to suspend your license. You have 90 days from the date you receive the notice to complete a Driver Retraining course, which is administered by the National Safety Council. If you fail to complete the course within 90 days, you license will be suspended indefinitely. Completing the Driver Retraining course, and paying a $100 reinstatement fee, will reinstate your license, but the surchargeable events remain on your driving record. In addition, accumulating surchargeable events will affect your car insurance premiums because your driver safety score increases with each surchargeable event.

If you accumulate seven surchargeable events within a three-year period, your license is automatically suspended for 60 days. There is no option to complete a driver retraining course to avoid the suspension.

Once your license is suspended, you cannot operate a motor vehicle at all. If you are stopped for any sort of traffic violation by a police officer, the officer can arrest you and charge you with operating on a suspended license, which is a serious crime that can result in high fines and even jail time.

If you have received a notice of intent to suspend your license, you should sign up for a driver retraining course as soon as possible to avoid an actual suspension and the license reinstatement fee. It is also a good idea to speak with an attorney to make sure you fully understand the process. If you fail to take the course within the 90-day window, and your license is subsequently suspended, you should speak to an attorney immediately. You need to understand the parameters of your license suspension, and how to go about reinstating your license.

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