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Massachusetts Bribery Law

Bribery, as defined in common law, means the corrupt payment, receipt, or solicitation of a private favor for official action, meaning exchanging money or goods for some sort of action. As defined by Massachusetts statutes, bribery can take a number of forms and is covered through a series of detailed laws. The form of bribery most associate with the crime involves public officials, which is specifically prohibited by statute. According to Massachusetts law, it is illegal to corruptly give or promise anything of value to a state, county, or municipal employee with the intent to either: influence any official act, influence the person to commit fraud, or to induce the person to act in violation of his or her lawful duty. The law also works in the other direction, meaning those that accept bribes for these purposes are also at fault. In addition, the law extends to attempted bribery, meaning a person can be punished even if the employee he attempts to bribe doesn’t accept the conditions of the bribe. While the law specifies that the exchange must be for something of value, the law specifically defines something of value as anything over the amount of $50, meaning the law is still widely applicable given this provision.

In addition to bribery of public officials, bribery is a crime in the context of sports. According to Massachusetts law, it is illegal for a person to promise of offer to any professional or amateur athlete to try to lose a sporting event in order to receive a monetary gain.

Each offense, no matter how the bribery manifests itself, is a felony, meaning both types of bribery carry harsh penalties. For bribery in the sports area, a defendant convicted of the crime could face a fine $1000 and imprisonment for up to two years. For bribery of public officials, the punishments are far more severe. A defendant could face a fine of up to $100,000 in addition to a prison sentence of ten years. Also, a defendant convicted of bribing a public official or taking a bribe as a public employee is rendered incapable of holding any public office within the state or within any municipal agency.

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