Am I Eligible to Have my Record Sealed or Expunged in Massachusetts?

Sometimes the central punishment of a criminal conviction will be just the beginning of your problems. The consequences that flow from the conviction can be even more severe, and they can haunt you long after you have served your sentence. Your record can adversely affect your career, educational and civic opportunities and ability to take out loans or mortgages, drive, obtain custody of your child, obtain a professional license, stay in the United States, and more. At the very least, a criminal record causes embarrassment. In Massachusetts, as soon as you are arraigned for a crime, that will appear on your record even if it is later dismissed.

These consequences can be significantly reduced by sealing or expunging your record. If you haven’t been convicted of any crimes within a certain amount of time, you may be able to get your record sealed or expunged. Having your record sealed means that certain parts of the court activity record will be kept confidential. Expunging your record means that the record will be destroyed without a trace. The even better news is that you may not only have the ability to seal or expunge your record but also to revisit it. For immigration, work, or other reasons, you can sometimes revoke old pleas that you entered into when you were not fully aware of the potential effects of your plea.

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