I Believe That my, or my Friend / Relative’s Bail in MA Was Set too High. Can I Try to Have the Bail Reduced?

The brief answer to this question is generally yes. While all the facts and circumstances vary, there are usually several different ways in which one can attempt to reduce bail to an amount that is easier to manage.

Bail is designed to ensure that a person shows up in court when they are required to do so. Bail is usually proportionate to the seriousness of the alleged crime. Generally speaking, the more serious the crime, the higher the bail.

The court generally sets bail or refuses to set bail at arraignment. To set the bail, the court will weigh a variety of different factors that go to whether or not you pose a danger or are at risk of fleeing. A lawyer will try to ease the judge’s concerns about releasing the client. One method commonly utilized at bail hearings is to have people who know the client, such as family and friends, come to the court to show strong ties to the community and support for the individual facing criminal charges. Ties to the community can also be shown with evidence that the defendant has a job, owns local property, is involved with community or local organizations, has lived in the community for a long time, etc. An experienced criminal defense attorney will be able to evaluate all of the factors and advise you on which facts should be highlighted to the judge during the bail hearing.

If the court sets the amount of bail too high (i.e. in light of the alleged crime, the persons financial capabilities, etc.), a Motion to Reduce Bail or a Motion to Release On Recognizance can be filed.

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