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Weapons Possession

Will I go to Jail if I'm Caught Carrying an Illegal Weapon in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, you can go to jail for a conviction, for illegally possessing a weapon. For the most part you see this with firearms. Now there are legal ways of having a firearm, you can have a license, that type of thing. But if you don't have a license, you could easily go to jail, particularly depending on what that firearm is, you have an AK-47, people are going to be nervous. So it's a crime that you do need to take seriously. You do want to have a good attorney with you, to try and minimize the chances of going to jail, particularly since those cases are pretty tough to fight, because you've got the officers saying: "found the gun, in his pocket." You can say the officer is lying, but maybe the attorney has better options.

What's the Penalty if I'm Caught Carrying a Concealed Weapon in Massachusetts?

Being licensed to possess a firearm at home is different than having a license to carry that firearm, to conceal that firearm. So you can lawfully have a gun in your house, but if you carry that with you, you can still be arrested, you can still be prosecuted for carrying that concealed weapon. What the sentence will be will depend on the circumstances and your defense.

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Dear Sam, I can not thank you enough for your expertise in the handling of Chris's case as well as your sensitivity and caring attitude. toward him. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. He really expressed how good it felt to be able to talk to you! Sincerely and may God bless you. Pat W.
I really appreciate your prompt and highly effective assistance on this matter. After six different OUI attorneys told me that there was no way to recall the warrant and dismiss the charges against me without me returning to Mass from California, you managed to accomplish what they said was impossible. Thanks again! Neil D., Boston, MA
It took some 30 years,almost the loss of a job,fid card ,arrested ,etc,etc.i tried several lawyers,and got the same disappointing answer ;sorry ,nothing we can do;.One little phone call and back and forth on the iPad,and for the first time i felt positive that this issue could be resolved.MR Goldwyn,and Ms Aisa Fitzgerald told me their game plan,and they made it happen.I am a very ,very happy clam. Robert D.
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